prof. Jaroslav HOFIERKA 
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(study manager)
Director of Institute of Geography, a professor in Geoinformatics.

He is a co-author of the r.sun and v.sun solar radiation models implemented in open-source GRASS GIS. He has published a numerous papers on geospatial modelling, solar radiation modelling using GIS and 3-D city applications. He has been a member of the GRASS development team for more than 20 years. During this period he has been participating on the development of more than 10 GRASS GIS modules related to spatial interpolation and simulation of landscape processes such as solar radiation, surface hydrology and 3-D modelling. He was a principal investigator in several research projects funded by Slovak grant agencies (in total exceeding 300 000 EUR). He also participated in several international projects such as the 6th Framework Programme EU, INCO-COPERNICUS Programme, COST-ESF, and National Science Foundation (USA). In this project, he will be a principal investigator (a study manager) responsible for most research activities.

Assoc. prof. Michal GALLAY 
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(WP manager, project contacting person)
Deputy Director and associated professor.

He was awarded his  Ph.D. in Geography. His research activities are focused on application of remote sensing techniques, such as laser scanning, IfSAR, and photogrammetry in digital terrain modelling. He was awarded his doctoral degree at the Queen’s University Belfast in 2010 for the thesis on assessing digital elevation data acquired by alternative methods. He published 21 research papers on laser scanning data validation, spatial analysis of massive datasets, and vegetation spatio-temporal dynamics. He has been a co-investigator of 6 national research projects. Within the project, he will be responsible for processing and analysing the satellite imagery to derive suitable vegetation metrics and to downscale the metrics to 3-D urban greenery models. He will also participate on terrestrial laser scanning of urban greenery.



prof. Vladimír SEDLÁK 
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professor of Geodesy, Mine Surveying and Geoinformatics.

His research is related to geodata collection supported by current advanced surveying technologies and technics for optical measurements methods, GPS and GNSS applications and terrestrial laser scanning and in data processing and their analysis for geoinformatics outputs, i.e. 3D coordinate systems for geodata processing and visualization, 3D modelling industrially burdened country, etc. He has long-standing extensive experience in managing several research projects on a domestic and international level. Its publication outputs are mainly focused on 3D modelling of landscape elements with anthropogenic consequences for the environment. He is a member of several important scientific and professional geodetic societies and committees on a national and global level.

Dr. Ján Kaňuk
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(WP manager)
Leader of the Geoinformatics Research Group the Institute of Geography.

He was awarded his Ph.D. in Regional Geography at the Prešov University specialized in 3-D city modelling and assessment of landscape potential for photovoltaic applications. He is an assistant professor in Geography at the Institute. He is a principal investigator of a national research project focusing on dynamic 3-D modelling of urban landscape with a multiscale approach and a co-investigator of 1 international COST-ESF research project. He was a co-investigator in 8 national research projects in the past. He published over 20 scientific papers concerning solar radiation modelling in urban areas, photovoltaic energy potential in cities, and 3-D city modelling. Within the project, he will participate on terrestrial laser scanning of urban greenery, GNSS measurements as well as other measurements of the selected landscape components. He will be responsible for generating 3-D city models including 3-D urban greenery models, visualizations, processing multispectral satellite data, testing and validating the modelled solar radiation.



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assistant professor in Geography at the Institute of Geography

She is aspecialist in geomorphology and biogeography. She was awarded her PhD. at the Comenius University in Bratislava in the topic of karst geomorphology. Her main research focus is on karst geomorphology, speleology, land cover changes induced by human activity and vegetation analyses in karst areas. Her present research is oriented also on the urban vegetation in Košice and evaluation of the areas and functions in some city parts. She will be responsible for evaluation of urban greenery, greenery composition and functional evaluation.



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